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    Top Notch Software
    for Equestrian Course Design

















    Acuro Course Planner


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    With Acuro you can work more efficient and get good looking plans to exact scale.







    # The only software you need
    # Easy to get started, easy to use
    # Calculates time allowed
    # Measuring distances and course length
    # Obstacles by design
    # Printouts in any language
    # Support and updates
    # 3D course plans with a click of a button.







    Exact scale

    Everything that you place on the course will be according to scale, with the correct length and width of the obstacles.

    You can even state the desired length of the poles for each obstacle.


    Measuring, time limit, time allowed



    A built in measuring tool makes it easy to precisely estimate the distance between any two points on the course.



    The distances can be measured and time allowed and time limit will be calculated. Scale can be adjusted to get an overview of the entire course, or to zoom into a specific detail. Standard setting for measuring is meters, if you want you can change this to feet and inches.





    Prepared models and plans


    You will find ready made oxers, verticals, walls, water jumps…

    The program also includes a set of prepared models. Choose bars, planks, gates etc. You decide the height and length by clicking or by simply typing in your figures.

    For driving you will find L-Obstacle, Double U, Double L,  a Bridge, cones and so on.

    If you want to customize the obstacles you can create your own. Find a Rail and give it the length you want. Create a few in different length and in the 2D scene you can then copy and paste.



    Also for driving


    For driving you have the corresponding features. You can find what you need for obstacle driving as well as for marathon.  Some ready made obstacles and also parts to design exactly the obstacles you want.


    amazingly simple to use




    Draw and print at the show


    You save all your drawings in a file.


    When it is time to create a new class, you can use the
    previous one as a starting point. Just by drag and drop you can easily move the
    obstacles in to new positions, finding the right lines.


    Next time you start you have all the obstacles and details
    ready for new designs.


    With Acuro on your laptop you can make your last changes and
    even make new course plans during the show. Save pdf-files to a memory stick
    and let the show office make the copies required.

    You can have different prints for your assistants, for
    judges, speakers or media.

    You can have 3d-images showing the obstacles and the arena.
    Acuro is the only program in the world with those features. It is a complete
    program for equestrian course planning.



    You can have your course plans with text and information in
    any language.

    Before printing you can edit the headlines, subheads etc.
    and choose any text you want to appear on the course plan. 

    The working language for Acuro is English, but you can
    translate the prints to whatever you want.









    3D scenes at a click of a button

    A real
    time 3D scene based on the 2D drawing is generated at the click of a button


    3d design is an option

    It is not necessary to consider the 3d features to draw a
    course plan, but you have all the possibilities as a bonus. No special skills
    are needed to produce good 3D-pictures, just click and drag and Acuro will do
    the job for you.

    You can have your own designs. You can create good looking 3D sponsor jumps with logotypes and the right colors.

    A 3D image of your course and/or the obstacles is a very good way to inform your assitants how you want 


    Test, create and have fun.

    you are interested there are the tools you need for creating and editing
    sponsor jumps and use customized obstacles in your 3D plans.

    Acuro will give you all the plans you need. In
    traditional 2D and in 3D. 
    With the mouse
    you can “walk the course” direct on your screen.







    Videos showing how Acuro can be used. Opens in new windows.

    (Please be patient and let the videos load a few seconds.)

    Quick overview->

    Start testing with an example->

    The video below is created from a standard course plan in Acuro, all jumps etc. are standard material. Note! For rendering and adding sounds we have used extra, third part software.

    3D Course Plan->




    What other says

    Lennart Lindelöw, Sweden:

    I use Acuro and think it works great, especially the new measurement function that gives precise distances and course length!


    The program is easy to use and simplifies my work before and during the shows!



    Tom Hern, USA:
    Program has been working great !


    Lars-Erik Jakobsson, Sweden:
    I have been using Acuro for severel years and I really like it. The program is very easy to use and if needed there is a great support.


    Patrick Vermeulen, Belgium:

    I bought Acuro some years ago.

    The application installation was easy and crystal clear. 

    Immediately after the installation, I started to experiment on the available functionalities and capabilities. It is amazing how fast you can create a course and how easy it is to adjust.

    I did not use all functionalities yet, especially the 3D capabilities are not yet explored, but I will definitely look into it and use it.

    In summary, the investment was worth the money, distributing the plans to people responsible for the actual building of the courses are happy with the clear presentation and know what is expected. Courses are build and rebuild in much shorter times.

    A great product. Definitely !



    no risk


    This program comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. 

    If there’s anything you don’t like about the program, simply get in touch with us and we will refund your purchase.

    As always, we would much rather have one customer less than an unhappy customer.